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SciShow Calendar 2024

Some of our favorite science-news from this year came from the many new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope, and we thought it fitting that we can celebrate all we've learned in 2023 with a look back at JWST's greatest hits so far!

Our 2024 calendar features twelve amazing pictures of just a few of the most amazing stellar objects imaged so far. There have been so many amazing new discoveries, it was hard to choose our favorites, but each photo allows us to gaze deeply through dust and gas that previously obscured our best cameras and shows us things we've never seen before.

As every month goes by, turning the page unlocks new discoveries and understandings of our place in the cosmos!

  • 2024 Calendar with pages from January to December
  • 11.5-inches square (29.2 cm square)
  • 80lb satin cover, 100lb satin interior
  • An exploration of JWST's Greatest Hits
  • Special holidays relevant to fans of SciShow!
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