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SciShow Pin of the Month: Launch Vehicle Mark-3

Each month this year, we’re celebrating a different rocket by immortalizing it as a spiffy-looking, limited-edition pin. For its role in getting Chandrayaan-3 to the bottom of the Moon, our pin-ultimate pin of the month is dedicated to ISRO’s Launch Vehicle Mark 3.
This rocket was originally designed to put satellites into Geosynchronous orbit, but got upgraded to be more of an all-purpose launch vehicle that could support heavier payloads and go anywhere from low Earth orbit to beyond the Earth-Moon system. The LVM3 currently has a 100% launch success rate and may eventually launch people into space.


  • SciShow Pin of The Month for November, 2023
  • As featured on SciShow
  • 1.25-inches long (3.175cm)
  • Limited availability, while supplies last!
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SciShow Pin of the Month: Launch Vehicle Mark-3
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