A geologist sorting through river-tumbled stones

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Our Mission Statement

We believe that learning about our world is an interactive process; that education through reading and lecture misses an important tactile element. We can bring wonder, beauty, and curiosity directly to you every month through the SciShow Rocks Box.

Rough Sapphires


Finding awesome rocks, minerals, crystals, and fossils is hard. We've partnered with trusted suppliers, collectors, and geologists to ensure that the rocks we send you were ethically sourced. We believe that removing precious materials from any location must be done in a way that considers everybody in the supply-chain; from the experts who know how to properly grade and inspect the materials to the people whose land they're being removed from. Everybody is treated fairly and guaranteed excellent compensation for their work.

Our sourcing partner also inspects every sample for quality and consistency. It's laborious work, which is why we've limited the number of possible subscribers to just one-thousand. More than that in any month puts a strain on our ability to provide high-quality and truly awesome rocks for the SciShow Rocks Box.

SciShow Rocks's resident geologist, Yinan Wang, standing behind sheets of fossilized fish in limestone

Learn More About Our Sourcing Partner

Our resident geologist and sourcing partner, Yinan Wang, has extensive experience in natural history both from a scientific and collector perspective. In addition to numerous scientific papers in paleoentomology including discoveries of new species, he has authored several books for broader audiences including fifty State Fossils, fifty State Gems and Minerals, and fifty State Unofficial Meteorites. A graduate of the Princeton University Geosciences program, he also has a Masters from Johns Hopkins University in Geospatial Intelligence, where he examined the activities and ethics of gemstone mining in Afghanistan. His lifelong experience and connections with diggers allows him to provide
geologic specimens with great provenance.