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CrashCourse World History Posters

CrashCourse World History Posters

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The first Crash Course World History poster traces the timeline of human history from the Indus Valley civilization through the the Crusades--the first third of Crash Course World History. With cameos including Stan, Danica, John, Hank, a Fire-Breathing Dragon, Borat, plus more.

The second installment of the Crash Course World History poster covers human civilization from Mansa Musa to the Haitian Revolution. Cameos include Stan, Danica, John, Hank, Zoidberg, Will Smith, plus more.

The third and final installment of the set covers the timeline between the Latin Revolutions and Globalization II. See if you can find all of the cameos including Snookie, a Delorean, the Alot and more.

Designed by the folks at Thought Cafe, these beautiful posters will make any wall more attractive and better educated!