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Eons Calendar 2024


If you mapped the entire span of Earth’s history from its formation to now onto a calendar year, the first humans wouldn’t appear until December 31st. Being humans ourselves, we think that’s kind of unfair. We created the concept of calendars, so why should we be confined to just the last day of the year?

To remedy that, we’re bringing the Eons calendar back for 2024 and, this time, the theme is human evolution. We’re stretching our evolutionary journey out over 12 months, starting with the ancient apes of the Miocene epoch and ending with one of the greatest decisions our species ever made: the domestication of the chili pepper.

Each month features a piece of paleo-art from one of our episodes about human evolution, including one new, never-before-seen illustration of an ancient relative of ours. No spoilers about which one, though!

We've also included some of the info from each of those episodes, too!


  • 2024 Calendar with pages from January to December
  • 11.5-inches square (29.2 cm square)
  • 80lb satin cover, 100lb satin interior
  • Human evolution themed illustrations
  • Special holidays relevant to Eons fans!
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Eons Calendar 2024