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SciShow Pin of the Month: Sharks are Older than the North Star

That tiny speck of light in the night sky commonly refer to as the North Star in the constellation Ursa Minor is actually three stars. Two of them are so close together we didn't know they were separate stars until 2006.

The brightest of those stars is Polaris Aa which by our best estimates is maybe 75 million years old. That may sound like a lot until you realize that sharks have existed in Earth's oceans for as many as 450 million years.

This month's limited-edition SciShow Pin of the Month features the constellation Ursa Minor in a blue field shaped like a shark. While Ursa Minor translates to "Little Bear," we think perhaps Pistris Minor, or "Little Shark," is a better match.


  • SciShow Pin of the Month for January 2024
  • Illustrates how long sharks have existed on Earth
  • 1.25" long with two pin posts and butterfly clasp pins
  • Please note: this item is for preorder, and will not ship before the 2nd week of March, 2024
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