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SciShow Rocks 30x Jeweler's Loupe

SciShow Rocks 30x Jeweler's Loupe

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Stainless steel


21 mm

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Rockhounds require only three things: A desire to find rocks, a rock, and a way to look at the cool rocks they've found. Up until now, SciShow has been able to provide you with just the rocks, but you only needed to provide your passion and your peepers. Each rock, crystal, mineral, and fossil we provide teems with detail you can only see with the proper magnification so we set out to find something to help.

Our 30x Jeweler's Loupe uses a triplet-lens array to give you great magnification in a compact space: one to provide magnification, one aplanatic to reduce visual distortion, and one to reduce chromatic aberration  – all in a convenient fold-away assembly that's perfect for taking into the field.


  • Dimensions: 10mm x 21mm
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Triple-Lens assembly
  • Compact, and folds away to protect the lenses
  • Perfect for field-work, or just looking at your Rocks Box.